Emily Smith

Taylor Swift Verified Fan

user testing, UX/UI Design


My role on Taylor Swift's Verified Fan campaign was to lead UX and UI, which entailed wireframing, prototyping, user testing, and  designing the experience for the fully responsive fan portal, ticket purchasing, and SMS ticket reserve flow.

Verified Fan is a Ticketmaster product intended to engage an artist's fans and prevent ticket purchasing from malicious automated bots and scalpers. Taylor Swift was the first artist to take this program further and introduce gamification, merchandise integration, and activities her fans could do to get a boost in the virtual line for tickets.

The program ended with 950,000+ registrants - the biggest Verified Fan campaign to date. The fan portal also resulted with many non-ticket sale related benefits for Taylor Swift: hundreds of thousands of merch and album sales, and millions of YouTube views.




Onboarding Experience

Verified Fan PORTAL


flow for gathering fan ticket preferences


program close - locking place in line